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Low energy levels can have many different causes, many of which can be affected by a chiropractic adjustment.  Read on to find out how we have helped change so many lives!

I live and work in a high stress environment including late nights and lots of travel. I used to have headaches daily, and after the first week of treatment I noticed the headaches were gone. I noticed an improvement in my quality of sleep, improvement in sinus problems, I was less irritable, more productive and energetic, just improvement in overall quality of life. Impact Chiropractic has helped me tremendously and I recommend them to everyone!

-- Andrew F.

"When I saw the difference from my first x-rays to now, I was shocked and excited.  I had no idea that chiropractic could be so life changing!  I am starting to feel relief from symptoms caused by hypothyroidism; specifically, having more energy!"
  -- Johnna F

Since coming to Impact I’ve noticed a tremendous change in my energy levels, my sensitivity to gluten and overall aches and pains. I look forward to each adjustment, it’s like a natural energy boost every time. Everything is aligned and functioning the right way which makes a significant difference. Before I used chiropractic care, I had severe responses to gluten consumption in the form of large and painful acne. Since using Impact I can eat gluten moderately and can even consume wheat beer without the negative responses that I used to suffer from.  Lately I have noticed a lot less pain from lifting each day. I have actually started a running regimen recently and hurt my back doing so and mentioned it to Dr. Elise who noticed the misalignment right away and began working on it. Within a few adjustments, I’m back to 100%!

--Johnathan J.

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