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Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

So many people are living with back pain, writing it off as a part of their normal lives - but just because something is common or regular for you, doesn't mean it is normal!  Many of our patients have been able to get back to a fuller life with chiropractic care by Impact, read and watch some of their testimonies below!

"After working with Dr Elise, she has not only helped prevent the migraines, but helped with my lower back - something I had lived with for so long I didn't know there was a "better".  I thought it was just aches and pains associated with getting older.  Thanks for making such a positive difference in my life."
  -- Lynda C

"I started receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Elise around the same time my life got busy with farming, waiting tables, biking everywhere, & doing receptionist work (hunching over a computer) - all things that can do some damage to your spine.  With weekly sessions that I quickly looked forward to I have felt strong & very capable of handling everything on my busy plate.  It not only keeps the unavoidable lower back pain from carrying trays of food at bay, it also helps me feel mentally stable because I am doing something to take care of myself.  I love Impact!"
  -- Chloe A

"Came here to get help with pain I was having in my neck and lower back. I am not even half way though my treatment and already feel so much relief in my neck and back. It has also helped me with my sleeping habits."

--Tyler K

Dr. Elise and the team really focus on your specific needs and the overall health benefits of chiropractic care. I've been a patient since June 2015 and my lower back and sciatic nerve pain are completely gone. I sleep better and I've been told no longer snore. I was skeptical of chiropractors before coming here and now I'm a believer!

-- Emily F.

Hard to believe that two months ago I could barely walk fifty feet , not to mention just standing in one spot for more than a couple minutes being a huge task. A restful night of sleep, out of the question! The pain in my lower back and thigh, generated from years old Sciatica was unbearable. And this has gone on day and night for months.
Then a friend suggested that I meet Dr. Elise at Impact. The doctor took the time to examine, X-Ray and analyze the problems in my back, then we set up a schedule of adjustments and exercises and the results barely a month later are simply amazing. Last weekend , off to Taos,N.M. and then walking around the Plaza, more than once, with no pain! I can stand in one spot and carry on a conversation with friends, co-workers and customers. and most of all I am enjoying life again. Dr. Elise is definitely beyond the basics, what she does is unbelievable! In Pain? Call Impact!!!
-- Lee H.

I have been experiencing back and neck pain for a few months and have been struggling to figure out what is wrong. My friends suggested that I check out Impact Chiropractic and I feel like this is the right place for me. I love Impact and the people here are awesome, Dr. Lara happens to know American Sign Language which makes it easy for us to communicate. The prices for care are reasonable and I love the staff here. I feel like I am new again and have no more pain to deal with. I would recommend Impact Chiropractic to anyone.

-- Anonymous

Since I have been coming to Impact Chiropractic my posture has gotten better. I have less back aches and pains and my neck hurts significantly less thanks to the magic hands of Dr. Lara. Thank you for inspiring my life and well-being.


I am now able to have good sleep every night in addition to relieved shoulder and back pain. Thank you SO MUCH Impact Chiropractic!

-- Anonymous

Let me start by saying that coming to Impact Chiropractic was a good decision. My back and hip pain have been better. The staff has been courteous and it makes the trip worthwhile. My goal of course is to stay healthy. My flexibility is getting better and I am not waking up with as much back pain. As I continue to age it seems I get a little stiffer each day and my bones do not move like they used which I hope improves with care from Impact Chiropractic. I have been to other chiropractors but have not achieved the same results. Please continue the same quality service and friendly atmosphere and success will surely come for you. Thank you Impact Chiropractic!

--Kelly N

Since starting care with Impact chiropractic, I no longer hear “popping” noises in my lower back while working out. I work at a computer and since starting therapy; my neck, shoulders, and back feel so much better. My low back also feels much better since starting care.

--Janise S

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