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Chiropractor for Kids

Chiropractic care for children is very effective at helping to correct a wide variety of "normal" pediatric problems.  Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara see great improvement in many pediatric patients within just a few weeks!  If your child is experiencing chronic colic, digestive upset, sleeping problems, problems with attention span or focus, respiratory problems or ear infections, please do not hesitate to call us for an appointment!

Not only do we receive excellent care for our nervous system from Dr. Lara and Dr. Elise, but we feel loved and cared for by the entire staff. Our kids have been adjusted since birth and when we moved back to Fort Collins, we were blessed to find Impact Chiropractic. Our bodies all went through major changes after moving back to Fort Collins from sea level and with the help of Impact Chiropractic, we quickly regained our health and are enjoying an active lifestyle here! The staff cares about all of us as "whole people" and doesn't just treat our symptoms. Countless times, the office staff has entertained our overly chatty 5 year old and even "dog sits" her stuffed animal puppies that she proudly brings each visit. They even remember her stuffed animals' names! They are like family and we are so grateful for their care.
-- Annie L.

Impact chiropractic is AMAZING! Such a friendly staff who makes you feel so welcomed. I have been taking my son there starting at just 5 weeks old, he had colic and I am so amazed with the results. His adjustments have completely changed everything for the better. They are so knowledgable and answer any questions we have. I am just so impressed with how much these adjustments have helped him, i recommend this office to everyone!!!

-- Nicole F.

With my first born they helped to get him regular and sleeping through the night. I just had my second little one check and Dr. Elise and Dr Lara are set on helping him with his acid reflux and allergies. I am so thankful for these 2 amazing Dr's and all their help and concern with my family's health!

-- Brittany S.

I can't say enough good things about Impact and like both Dr. Elise & Dr. Lara. I started going as my 1 year old still wasn't sleeping. We had ruled out dietary issues, and she kept waking as if she was uncomfortable at night. Well, Impact set her straight! After about a month of sessions, I have a baby who sleeps well and no longer seems to wake up in discomfort. I also take my 5 year old son (he loves the "popcorn"), and am now working on a plan for myself (I found out I have a relatively prominent spinal curvature). I have learned that the benefits of seeing a GOOD chiropractor are incredible and imagine this is a wellness path I will continue on for the rest of my life.

-- Ingrid S.

Dr. Elise has been adjusting my son since birth. He's almost two now and has never been sick! She taught me the importance of the nervous system plays in the health and immune function of my child. Her care was gentle and helped me through a smooth pregnancy. I can't imagine my family's life without her!
  -- Ericka A

I started bringing my daughter here as a newborn. She wasn’t latching well and was having trouble with her bowel movements. Since starting care with Impact she latches and feeds better and she has regular bowel movements and is a very happy baby. Recently she was spitting up more than usual and Dr. Lara adjusted her and she stopped spitting up excessively! Overall my husband and I have decided to take all our future babies to the chiropractor due to our little one’s improvements from going to Impact Chiropractic! If your babies are having issues with any regular bodily functions I highly recommend Impact Chiropractic!

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