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Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara have received Webster technique certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (www.ICPA4kids.com); Webster technique is a very specific type of chiropractic adjustment used to reduce sacral and SI joint dysfunction, leading to decreased intrauterine constraint allowing baby to position itself naturally in the womb.  Women under chiropractic care during their pregnancies report 24-39% faster labor times, fewer complications and less back labor pain, 50% less drugs (analgesics) involved, and better milk production and reduced likelihood of postpartum depression (link). 
Below are a variety of testimonies from mothers regarding all aspects of their pregnancies.  If you, or anyone you know may be pregnant (or trying to get pregnant!), please call to schedule a consultation with our certified doctors!

Impact Chiropractic is amazing!! Dr. Lara and Dr. Elise are absolutely amazing! I started care when I was pregnant and it was amazingly helpful during my pregnancy. Now they provide care for myself and my two very young children. Through adjustments they helped correct problems with my son's hips and learning to walk and they helped immensely with my infant daughter's digestion and sleep. I've struggled with chronic hip pain off and on, and that is virtually gone. The office staff is also amazing :) Pam, Jess, and Carissa are all fabulous! They are so welcoming and genuine and they always call me and my children by name. We LOVE Impact Chiropractic :) :)

-- Kinsey E.

I love both Dr Elise and Dr Lara ! I have only had two adjustments so far to help with my excruciating lower back pain (32 weeks pregnant.) since I work at a busy salon/ barber shop I am on my feet constantly and it had really taken its toll on my body. After my second adjustment with Lara I feel a million times better. Thank you ladies you are both life savers!

-- Rachel R.

Dr Elise and Dr Lara are both so amazing. They helped me through both pregnancies. She was able to help with all pain as well as what I believe to be a shorter labor and delivery... I'm being seen now for an accident I was in and both Dr Lara and Dr Elise have been able to help with the headaches back and neck pain. I would recommend them 100% and refuse to see a different chiropractor for me or my family.

-- Brittany S.

Thanks for the wonderful care for my entire family! Dr. Elise helped get me through my pregnancy and have a smooth delivery. She adjusted our baby as a newborn, and when he was really sick in the hospital at 3 weeks old. She has also adjusted our older son and helped fix a growing pain he had been having. Impact has a friendly, professional staff and comfortable feel. We love coming here and supporting their local business. thanks!

-- Mindy B.

Dr. Elise and her team are wonderful. I was referred by my doula for her specialty in Webster technique, and I was more than pleased with the care I received. My labor was amazing thanks to Dr. Elise, but that was just the beginning. I've continued to address my chiropractic needs with Impact and I'm already seeing improvements with some long-term issues I've had.

-- Sara B

After two pregnancies of intense pelvic pain that kept me mostly bed ridden I was referred by my midwife to see Dr Elise. I must say I was slightly doubtful that she could help me but after two adjustments I could tell a huge difference! Going from severe pain to very minimal pain has been incredible! She truly is an answer to prayer and I've been able to keep working, run after my three boys, and enjoy life again. She is caring and professional, and has essentially given me my life back. I'm so thankful for Impact Chiropractic!

-- Saretta H.

"Thanks to Doctor Elise, my 3rd delivery was my easiest. Despite having an 8.5 pound baby who was sunny side up and pushing on a spinal fusion. He was my fastest and smoothest delivery and I only had to push for 10 minutes! I recommend to all of my friends who are expecting!"

--Tori H.

I really feel that my regular chiropractic visits at Impact had a huge positive effect on my birth experience. My daughter came out with an adorable round head (which I feel was due in part to pelvic adjustments) and she was in wonderful shape for a new born. During my pregnancy the adjustments where the thing that helped the most in coping with all of the changes my body was going through. I am continuing to get adjustments here because I just loved it so much!

-- Laura B.

"I met Elise and Rocky while very pregnant, installing their door graphics.  I highly recommend Impact Chiropractic.  My belief grew after my prenatal adjustments and how easy my birth was as a result.  I love the warm, friendly atmosphere and the positive messages and vibe displayed in the office.  They feel like good friends who really do care about keeping you happy and healthy."
-- Pam S.

"Prior to coming to Impact Chiropractic I had several hip issues and also had cephalopelvic disproportion which resulted in a C-section with our daughter.  Dr. Elise has aligned by hips/pelvis, within 6-8 months of treatments & adjustments.  This has helped my posture, spine, and knees especially with running and weight training.  I am confident that Dr. Elise and chiropractic care will continue to benefit myself with physical activities, work as a nurse, and eventually help me to have a natural child birth.  The office atmosphere is great and Rocky & Shoko & Dr. Elise are wonderful to see every week."
  -- Jesse F

Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara have been lifesavers for me through my entire pregnancy maternity leave. There is no way I could have continued working full days all the way until the day before I had my daughter. Chiropractic care kept me healthy despite working with my own sick patients. I don’t know how anyone goes through pregnancy without getting chiropractic care!

--Tiffany W. DC

My midwife referred me to Dr. Elise when I was four months pregnant and experiencing sharp, excruciating pain in my pubic bone. It hurt to walk and often times I would find myself doubled over in pain. I was concerned because I had never experienced this pain with my other two pregnancies. After three appointments with Dr. Elise, the pain is completely gone! She is very knowledgeable and gifted and I am so thankful my midwife recommended her. One less thing I have to worry about during this pregnancy!

-- Anonymous

I started coming to Impact Chiropractic when I was pregnant. I am a dog groomer so my body is under a lot of physical strain. Grooming paired with pre-existing lower back pain and a baby putting pressure on my lower spine caused me to be in almost constant pain. Impact helped relieve my back pain almost immediately and also helped align my body to help with the birthing process. I had an amazingly easy time giving birth to my very first child and I give a great amount of credit to the chiropractic care I received from Impact. Thank you Impact, we love everyone at your office and cannot recommend your care enough!

--Amber F

I have been coming to see Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara since became pregnant with my first child. Three years later I am bringing my two girls and husband. I cannot say enough good things about them, they are so wonderful! My whole family loves them and it is a highlight of my toddler’s day. I drive 25 min just to come to them and would drive more if I had to. They are fabulous in every way! Thank you everyone at Impact Chiropractic!

--Elise G

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