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Insomnia Treatment and Chiropractic Care

Sleep seems like such a natural thing for most people, but many struggle with getting a solid 8-10 hours of quality, deep sleep per night.  Acute or chronic sleep deprivation can lead to irritation, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, confusion, problems with memory, headaches, increased stress hormones, increased blood pressure, and problems with weight gain or loss.  It is important to get quality sleep so that you can function to the best of your ability... and wouldn't you know it, chiropractic can help with sleep!  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Elise if you are struggling with sleep - you don't have to suffer alone!

"I have two children 9 and 4 years old, three cats that come to me when they want to go outside all hours of the night, and I have a husband that snores, so you can imagine that I do not get a lot of sleep.  After my first adjustment I slept from 10pm to 6am.  I didn't wake up at all and I don't even think I moved the whole night.  I haven't slept like that in years.  I've had a few more adjustments [and] I don't sleep through the whole night, but the sleep I do get is more sound and I do not toss and turn as many times as I did in the past.  I feel much better and of course I am very excited to continue treatment."
  -- Anonymous

"After my adjustments I find I get a much better night's sleep.  The tingling arms and hands go away!"
  -- Diane O

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