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Chiropractic Care for Athletes

The best athletes in the world all see a chiropractor; it's no secret that a well-adjusted body is better able to handle stress, including the stress of physical activities such as sports.  Check out some of our patient testimonials and videos about how chiropractic has helped them do better in their chosen sports and activities!

"Before coming to Impact I had injured my back playing basketball and was extremely nervous to play again.  After 8 weeks of chiropractic care, I played basketball again and didn't experience any pain the day after like usual."
  -- Anonymous

"Other than having my headaches go away - my biggest change has been to my feet.  I have arthritis in both big toes as well as a bone spur on the bottom of my left foot.  I was not able to plank because of my arthritis - now I can.  The pain from my bone spur has almost gone away completely."
  -- Tami E

Shea tells us how chiropractic has improved his pro cycling!

"I ...noticed my lifts improve during the time I [was] getting adjusted."
  -- Dakota R

"I direct the Adult Fitness Program at CSU where we primarily work with older adults.  There, I get to see how years of exercise and taking care of oneself keeps the members young, positive, and able to do what they want.  They motivate me to continue to pursue my health in every facet.  Thanks to Dr. Elise and her team, I've even seen improvements in the curvature of my spine and neck!  They are also incredibly helpful, kind, and fun, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Impact."
  -- Brittni J

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