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Sometimes we get amazing stories from patients about changes to their health and wellness that came about only after receiving chiropractic care, often after the traditional medical field had failed to provide them any real answers or relief for so long.  It is unfortunate that so many people wait to begin chiropractic until it is a last resort, but we are grateful for all of the lives that we have been able to touch.  Read on for some of our great testimonials that just don't fit into any other categories!

"Was on meds for bladder spasms from stroke 5 1/2 years ago.  Two weeks of adjustments and I am off the prescription and no more problems."
  -- Roger J

"For 10+ years I was experiencing light incontinence where exercising didn't help at all.  Once I started getting adjustments my incontinence has gone away.  It has been almost 6 months since I started chiropractic care and I can say I am totally incontinence-free."
  -- Anonymous

"About 7 years ago I started having swallowing problems.  I had a fluoroscopy done and was diagnosed with a loose epiglottal flap.  I was told to be careful and to call 911 if I was choking.  I became complacent for all these years until I came to see Dr. Rigney.  After the x-rays it was clear there was a bend in my neck exactly at the epiglottal flap.  A month later of adjustments to my neck and I have no more problems with swallowing/choking.  I am a believer."
  -- Cindy W

"I broke my hip while serving in the Army. Since then, I have sciatica and other alignment issues. Being under chiropractic care has helped maintain my hip and joint health. It has increased my mobility, range of motion, and strength. It has also reduced pain. Without chiropractic care I wouldn't be able to be as active as I am. This spring I'll be completing the Horsetooth Half Marathon and have chiropractic care to thank for my hip health pre and post race. Thanks Impact!"

--Jessi F.

I am so incredibly thankful I found Impact Chiropractic and Dr. Elise. My son was born and for the first five months of his life, he coughed non-stop. Doctors would always just tell us nothing was wrong, it would pass. He would cough in his sleep so much and so hard that he would wake up gagging. My husband and I tried everything. We spent many nights with him in a steamy bathroom hoping that would help. He was too little for medicine, and since no one could seem to tell us what was wrong, we were stuck. We got a second opinion from another pediatrician who said he had laryngalmalacia and gave us a nebulizer with breathing treatments. That didn't help at all. Theo was still constantly coughing and miserable. We finally begged our regular pediatrician for a referall to an ENT and that was awful. The man was not a nice human and insisted that he was fine and we were stupid over concerned parents and that it would pass. After much debate, he finally diagnosed Theo with GERD. I didn't buy that but I wanted to try his medication plan and see if it helped. We tried it for six weeks and the symptoms got WORSE. Our pediatrician recommended that if the medicine hadn't worked by week four, we stop giving it to him as it wasn't helping. The ENT was not happy about that at the follow-up. We had exhausted all options and the ENT just said, "Take him to Children's Hospital. Not my problem anymore." We come from a family very familiar with chiropractic care, but had not yet taken our youngest son. We heard from a friend about Impact Chiro in Fort Collins and got an appointment. On our first appointment, they scanned little Theo and could see where his problem areas were... I can not tell you enough how sweet all of the ladies that work here are. They make you feel important, they remember names, they helped with my older son while I was with Theo. Elise is so relatable and shares many of the same opinions that I do on child rearing. She is so good with Theo and he liked her a lot. She would do a quick adjustment on him. Before we started at Impact Chiropractic, Theo would cry every time we got in the car. After several visits, that stopped. Then, we were able to move Theo into his own room as the coughing completely disappeared. I HIGHLY recommend Impact Chiropractic for anyone wanting regular care, or for specialized issues, like we had with Theo... He hasn't coughed in months, he's never sick, he's so happy, and he loves getting adjusted. I am so thankful for Impact Chiropractic and the impact they've made on my life, and my children's lives. Make an appointment ASAP. You won't regret it!

-- Mollee W.

I had surgery for a torn labrum in my hip. During the rehab and PT I developed debilitating pain in my tailbone where it hurt to sit and stand. It was awful and so in addition to PT, I started treatment with Impact Chiropractic. The staff and Dr. Elise were so nice and caring during the process. I began coming to Impact in October 2014 and still continue adjustments to this day although NOT for my tailbone as that pain was eliminated with just a few months of treatment.

--Audrey K

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