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Chiropractic Care for Women

It's not a topic that many want to discuss out loud, but for many women a subluxation in the lower back region can also negatively affect their reproductive systems!  If you or someone you know suffers from irregular periods, painful cramps, difficulty in conceiving, etc. chiropractic may be the right choice!

"For about a year I was having abnormal vaginal discharge and went to several different doctors with no answer of why this was happening.  I started going to Dr. Elise for back pain but it ended up helping my other problem.  I no longer have this problem and I'm loving it!"
  -- Anonymous

"In 2012 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome... I have never ovulated on my own without medical help (drugs).  On my first visit back to see Dr. Elise... she said chiropractic was the way to go and that having my body and mind balanced was essential to trying to get pregnant.  That night I got adjusted.  I went home feeling hopeful that natural medicine was the way to go.  The next day I got a positive ovulation test!  After one adjustment I ovulated!  I have naturally ovulated every month since being back under chiropractic care.  Chiropractic isn't just for back or neck problems it's for all kinds of health issues and maintenance!"
  -- Jennifer B

"Medication reduced by 1/2 for menstrual cycle after 2 months."
  -- Anonymous

"Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara have helped me so much. I used to have anxiety and horrible PMS. After 2 months of being adjusted, I felt less anxious and happier in general. I also don't have nad cramps anymore and do not medicare during my period. I used to have extremely bad back pain and that has diminished as well. It is so impressive to see the improvements of my spine on x-rays, and I am so thankful for all Dr. Elise and Dr. Lara do for me and my health" 

--Kate S.

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